Great Lent Replies

Replies for the Metanoias

(1) Klinwmen ta gonata.
Let us bend our knees
Reply:Nai nan Vnou] Viwt pipantokratwr.
Have mercy on us, O God the Father the Pantokrator.

(2) Anactwmen klinwmen ta gonata.
Let us stand up then bend our knees.
Reply:Nai nan Vnou] pencwt/r.
Have mercy on us, O God our Savior.

(3) Ke anactwmen klinwmen ta gonata.
Let us stand up again then bend our knees.
Reply:Nai nan Vnou] ouoh nai nan.
Have mercy on us and have mercy on us.

Gospel Reply for Weekdays

}hir/n/ nte Vnou] y/et[oci enouc niben eceareh nnetenh/t qen Pi,rictoc I/couc Pen[oic.

The peace of God, which surpasses every mind, will surely guard your hearts with Jesus Christ our Lord.

Aiernobi aiernobi: Pa[oic I/couc ,w n/i ebol je mmon bwk naternobi oude mmon [oic nat,w ebol.

I have sinned, I have sinned, my Lord Jesus.  Forgive me, for (there is) no servant without sin nor a lord without forgiveness.

Je Peniwt etqen niv/oui: mareftoubo nje pekran: mareci nje tekmetouro: je vwk pe piwou sa nieneh.

Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.  Thy Kingdom come for Thine is the Glory for ever.

Je fcmarwout nje Viwt nem Ps/ri nem Pipneuma eyouab: ]triac etj/k ebol tenouwst mmoc ten]wou nac.

Blessed (is) the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the perfect Trinity.  We worship Him; we glorify Him.

The Hymn of the Censer

}sour/ nnoub te ]paryenoc: pecarwmata pe pencwt/r: acmici mmof afcw] mmon: ouoh af,a nennobi nan ebol.

The golden censer is the Virgin; her aroma is our Saviour.  She gave birth to Him; He saved us and forgave us our sins.

Praxis (Acts) Reply for Great Lent

AripameuiwPa[oic: aripameuiwPanou]: aripameuiwPaouro: Aksani qen tekmetouro.

Remember me, O my Lord; remember me, O my God; remember me, O my King, when you come in Thy kingdom.