Advent and Nativity Replies

Adam Psali on the Second Canticle

Apah/t nem palac hwc e]triac: agia triac ele/con /mac.

My heart and my tongue praise the Trinity; O Holy Trinity have mercy on us.

Batos Psali on the Saturday Theotokia

Amwini t/rou qen ourasi: amwini t/rou qen ouyel/l: amwini t/rou qen ouounof: nens/ri t/rou nte nirwmi.

Come all of you in happiness. Come all of you in joy. Come all of you in gladness, all you sons of men.

Praxis (Acts) Reply for 1st. Sunday of Kiahk

<ere Gabri/l: pinis] nar,/aggeloc: ,ere v/etafhisennoufi: mMaria ]paryenoc.

Hail to Gabriel, the great Archangel.  Hail to him who carried the Good News to Mary the Virgin.

Praxis Reply for the Nativity

<ere B/eyleem: tpolic nniprov/t/c: y/etaumec Pi,rictoc nq/tc: pimah cnau nAdam.

Hail Bethlehem, the city of prophets, in which Christ, the second Adam, was born.

After the Reading of the Nativity's Praxis

Pijinmici mparyenikon ouoh ninakhi mpneumatikon ousv/ri mparadoxon kata nicm/ mprov/tikon.

The Virginal birth and the spiritual pains of travail, a wonder of wonders, in accordance with the prophesies