Coptic Liturgical Phrases

Liturgical Phrase

ariten nempsa njoc qen ousephmot Make us worthy to pray thankfully.
je peniwt etqen niv/oui Our Father Who art in the heavens.
mareftoubo nje pekran Hallowed be Thy name.
mareci nje tekmetouro Thy kingdom come.
petehnak marefswpi Thy will be done
mvr/] qen tve nem hijen pikahi on earth as it is in heaven.
penwik nte rac] Our bread of the morrow
m/if nan mvoou give us this day.
ouoh ,a n/eteron nan ebol And forgive us our trespasses
mvr/] hwn nten,w ebol as we forgive
nn/ete ouon ntan erwou those who trespass against us.
ouoh mperenten eqoun epiracmoc And lead us not into temptation
alla nahmen ebolha pipethwou but deliver us from evil.
qen Pi,rictoc I/couc pen[oic In Christ Jesus, our Lord.
je yok te ]metouro For Thine is the kingdom
nem ]jom nem piwou and the power and the glory
sa eneh am/n. forever, amen.
afsenaf epswi eniv/oui He ascended to the heavens
eybe vai ten]ho ouoh tentwbh ntekmetagayoc pimairwmi Therefore, we ask and entreat Thy goodness, O Philanthropic One.
ouoh ni,eroubim ceouwst mmof And the Cherubim worship Him
Ce tennah] epipna eyu Yes, we believe in the Holy Spirit.
tahir/n/ ]] mmoc nwten My peace I give you
tennah] eouoc nouwt I/c P,c We believe in one Lord Jesus Christ.
tenouwst mmok w P,c We worship Thee O Christ
<rictoc anect/ ek nekrwn (Gk) Christ is risen from the dead
hina ntenhwc erok So that we praise you
V] nai nan God have mercy on us
je nai nan Have mercy on us

(Gk) means Greek loan phrase, (s.m.) means singular masculine, (s.f.) means singular feminine, & (plu.) means plural.

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