Coptic Conversation Phrases

Coptic Phrase Meaning
amou mnai Come here (s.m.)
am/ mnai Come here (s.f.)
amwini mnai Come here (plural)
amou nem/i Come with me
an]ma]; Do we agee?
as pe vai; What is this? (s.m.)
as te yai; What is this? (s.f.)
as ne nai; What are these? (plural)
aqok; What's the matter with you?
kqoci; Are you tired?
khojhek; Are you upset?
arihelpic eV] Depend on God
maron Let us go
mosi mmau go there
mosi nemaf Go (walk) with Him!
M/ aktaho; Are you paying attention?
mmon c/ou no time
mmon h/ou no use
mmon hwb ntak it is none of your business
moi n/i give me
arihmot here you go
vrwsi enough
k/n erok enough for you
mvoou today
meri Midday
menenca meri afternoon
nrac] tomorrow
ncaf yesterday
ncarac] after tomorrow
ncacaf before yesterday
vasi mpiejwrh Midnight
nanef mpair/]; Is this fine?
nanef fine
nanef emasw very good
nim pe vai; Who is this? (s.m.)
nim te yai; Who is this? (s.f.)
nim ne nai; Who are these? (plural)
nnecswpi impossible!
ounofri pe All right
eceswpi OK
ce Yes
mmon No
nynau when?
sa ynau until when?
eybe ou why?
nas nr/] how?
tcoi mmwou njaf Give me cold water.
,arwk Be quiet (s.m.)
,arw Be quiet (s.f.)
,arwten Be quiet (plural)
hwb niben everything
ouon niben everyone
au,w nhwb niben They left everything
]cm/ nnou] the voice of God
]cwoun I know
]cwoun an I don't know

(Gk) means Greek loan phrase,
(s.m.) means singular masculine,
(s.f.) means singular feminine,
(plu.) means plural.

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