Class of St. Athanasious & St. Marina

Sample Coptic Quiz #5

To view the Coptic on this page, you need to download the Coptic Fonts first.

1.  Change the following Coptic letters into English:  [Level I]

z t ]:  " w: 
ou: s: Q: R: M:
g: <: X: U: V:

2.  Change the following English letters into Coptic:  [Level I]

th  oa  a
ee  sh  ef  ch eg 
ek  ti x gh

3.   Write the meaning of the following Coptic words:  [Intermediate]

cqai :  nau : 
hijen : ws :
cwtem : mosi :
nah] : sl/l :
ouwnh : ouwrp :

4.  Translate the following Coptic phrases into English:  [Intermediate & Advanced]

tecaji  ]rasi 
naksl/l fnacwtem
cena,w naretenka]
acnah] auhemci
mpenenkot mpimenre

5.  Translate the following English phrases into Coptic:  [Advanced]

You read (feminine) :

She eats :

They didn't worship :

I will find :

He will rejoice :

You didn't hear (plural) :

You learned (masculine) :

We looked :

I was sleeping :

She was praying :