Coptic Class Intermediate Vocabulary List

Coptic Word Meaning
agora (Gk) marketplace
aiai to increase
alwm cheese
alwoui young men
amahi to rule, power
amen] hades
amou come, come you
anomia (Gk) iniquity, sin
apac old
areh to guard, keep, study
arit= make!, do!
ack/t/c (Gk) hermit
acpi language
ata[ni clean, untouched
avot glass
asi to hang
asiri active, diligent
af meat
ajpi hours
beri new, young
bol loosen, melt
decpot/c (Gk) master, lord
e__ to, at
ebdwmac week
ebolha from
ebolhiten through, by means of, by
emi to know, understand
empsa to be worthy
emrw harbor
en__ to bring
enkot to sleep
erouw to reply, speak
ervei temple, sanctuary
erw] milk
evahou back, backward
efy/s limited
ehne__ will, desire
ehr/i up
ej/ou ships
yalacca (Gk) sea
yebio to be humble
yucia (Gk) sacrifice, offering
ywn where?
ie or
inca to come after
iom sea, wine press
ioh moon
kayedra (Gk) seat, head-quarter
kap string, thread
karpoc (Gk) fruit
_ke_ other
kemkem drum, cymbals
k/n enough
k/toc whale
kibwtoc (Gk) box, ark
koi field
kocmoc (Gk) world, universe
kot to turn back
kuriak/ Sunday
kwt to build
loipon (Gk) further, hereafter
manerswousi Altar
meyre witness, testimony
men on the one hand
meri noon
meui to think
m/ini sign, miracle
myo face, presence
mmauat= alone, only
moc] to hate
mou to die
mou eybe to die from
moui lion
mou] to speak, call
moh to fill, complete
mpemyo before, in front of
mhau tomb
nakhi pains of travail
nahren in the presence of
nehci to wake up
neji womb, belly
noj great (nis])
nca towards
ncarac] day after tomorrow
nta___ and ____
nhouo more
oikoumen/ (Gk) community
omologin (Gk) to confess
ontwc (Gk) certainly, indeed
oube against, in front of
oude neither, nor
ou/i indeed, verily
ou/r how many?
ouw to stop, finish
ouwn to open
ouwnh to appear
ouwrp to send
ouws to want, will, desire
ouws e to want to
ohi erat= to stand up
paradoxoc (Gk) extraordinary
parackeu/ Friday
pe= belonging to
piracmoc test, temptation
plax (Gk) tablet, flat stone
pornia (Gk) fornication, unchastity
procvora (Gk) gift
rako] Alexandria
ramao rich
rana to please
refcwnt creator
r/ sun
rimi to weep
cabbaton Saturday
cabe wise person
camenhe behind
c/ini physician
c/ou time, season
ci to be full, satisfied
ciou star
cok sackcloth
coni thief
coutwn to be upright
covron (Gk) pure, clean
cohi to blame, rebuke
cw to drink
cwnt created, founded
cwoun to know
tako to destroy, corrupt
talo to lift, offer up
tamo to tell, inform
tap horn
tacyo to bring
tavoc (Gk) tomb
tebn/ beast
tebt fish
t/r= all of
toubo to be pure
toujo to be safe, preserved
twb to seal
vat knees, feet
vas trap
vwtnca to pursue
,ria need
,ro shore, bank
sari to hit
sasni to reach, obtain
sbwt rod, staff
senh/t qa to have mercy on
sy/n garment, tunic
si quantity, weight, to measure
sini to ask
sini nca to seek, inquire
skelkil bell
sousou boast
sv/ri wonder, amazement
swk to dig, depth
swm summer
swni to be sick, weak
swousi sacrifice
swp to receive, take, buy
fent worm
firwous to have care for
qa under
qajen before
qelloi old men, monks
qellw old woman
qelsiri young ladies
q/ibi shade, shelter
qyai to be fat
qr/i lower place
qwteb to kill, to murder
ha to, toward
hap judgement
h/ beginning
h/ki poor
hi in, on
hli anyone, anything
ho face
honhen command
hr/ri flower
hros to be heavy, difficult
hupar,onta (Gk) property, wealth
hw= also
hwimi wave
hwmi to trample, beat
ja[/ left, left hand    
jem= to find (jimi)
jerjer to play
j/k to be completed
jimi to find
jinwnq manner of life
joust to look, consider
jvo beget, bring forth
jwlh to clothe
jwmncqai notebook
jwnt angry
jwou generation
[alauj feet
[ioui to steal
[icbw to learn
[iceu masters, owners
[ihbwc clothing
[oji to run
[wm garden
] e__ to give to
]ma] enjoy, obtain
]mi village
]pi to taste
]cbw to teach
]ho to pray

(Gk) means Greek loan word

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