Sunday School Lesson Schedule

Grade 7

1734 AM



Church Event

September 2nd Week

Marvelous Stories of Martyrs

Coptic New Year: Sep. 11

September 3rd Week

Holy Liturgy (Part I)


September 4th Week

Holy Liturgy (Part II)

Feast of the Cross: Sep 27-29

Filler Lesson

What Can I do Now?


October 1st Week

The Phrase "My Private Life is Mine"


October 2nd Week

The Tabernacle of Meeting


October 3rd Week

The Ark of the Covenant


October 4th Week



November 1st Week

Sermon on the Mount (Part I)


November 2nd Week

Sermon on the Mount (Part II)


November 3rd Week

Christian Self Esteem


November 4th Week


Nativity Fast: Nov 25

December 1st Week

Ezekiel, the Prophet of Renewal and Unity


December 2nd Week

Daniel, the Prophet of the Messiah

Virginís Temple Entry: Dec 12

December 3rd Week

Canonical Hours Prayers - Agpeya Prayers (Part I)


December 4th Week

Canonical Hours Prayers - Agpeya Prayers (Part II)


Filler Lesson

The Coming of the Savior Jesus Christ  


January 1st Week

St. John the Baptist

Nativity Feast: Jan 7

January 2nd Week

Jeremiah the Prophet

Circumcision Feast: Jan 14

January 3rd Week

St. Monica

Epiphany Feast: Jan 19

January 4th Week

Prophet Jonah and Salvation

Miracle in Cana: Jan 21

February 1st Week

How to Study

Jonah Fast & Feast:  Jan 29-Feb 1

February 2nd Week

I Fast and Pray as Christ Did

Pre-Lent Sunday

February 3rd Week

Witnessing to the Lord in Todayís World

Sunday of the Kingdom of God

February 4th Week

O Lord, Forgive Me

Temptation Sunday

March 1st Week

What is My Goal in Life?

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

March 2nd Week

The Prophet Isaiah

Samaritan Sunday

March 3rd Week

Night of the Apocalypse (Abo-Ghalamsis)

Sunday of the Paralytic

March 4th Week

Susanna and the Second Canonical Books

Baptismal Sunday

Filler Lesson

No Lesson Scheduled

Palm Sunday: April 1

April 1st Week

No Lesson Scheduled

Easter Sunday: April 8

April 2nd Week

The Resurrection

Thomas Sunday: April 15

April 3rd Week

The Effect of the Media


April 4th Week

Who is the Poor Man?


May 1st Week

How to Benefit from the Holy Bible


May 2nd Week

Glories of the Feast of the Holy Ascension

Ascension Feast: May 17

May 3rd Week

The Church after the Apostolic Era


May 4th Week

God Calls St. Paul

Pentecost Feast: May 27

June 1st Week

Introduction to the Old Testament

Apostles' Fast: May 28 - July 11

June 2nd Week

Introduction to the New Testament 


June 3rd Week

The Epistle of St. James


June 4th Week

How to Choose My Friends


Filler Lesson

Success in the Christian Concept


July 1st Week

My Attitude toward Sexual Instinct


July 2nd Week

Trips of St. Paul

Apostles' Feast: July 12

July 3rd Week

The Church after the Council of Nicene


July 4th Week

The Ecumenical Councils


August 1st Week

The Council of Chalcedon

St. Mary's Fast: Aug 7-21

August 2nd Week

The Transfiguration


August 3rd Week

Some Virtues in the Life of the Virgin

Transfiguration Feast: Aug 19

August 4th Week

Christians Refuse Fanaticism

Assumption Feast: Aug 22

September 1st Week

The Book of Esther



The lesson notes outlined above were composed by adopting the curriculum set for Sunday School by the Coptic Orthodox Church Diocese of Southern U.S.A. and adding supplementary references to clarify each lesson. The notes are intended for the exclusive use by Sunday School servants and parents.


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