Sunday School Lesson Schedule


1734 AM



Church Event

September 2nd Week

Who Are the Saints?

Coptic New Year: Sep. 11

September 3rd Week

Finding  the Cross


September 4th Week

Jesus Helps the Fishermen

Feast of the Cross: Sep 27-29

Filler Lesson

Jesus Meets Zacchaeus


October 1st Week

The Creation


October 2nd Week

Noah's Ark


October 3rd Week

The Lord Visits Abraham


October 4th Week

Jacob's Dream


November 1st Week

Elijah and the Widow


November 2nd Week

Nice Woman Builds a Room for Elijah


November 3rd Week

Jesus Calms the Storm


November 4th Week

Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Nativity Fast: Nov 25

December 1st Week

Daniel in the Lions' Den


December 2nd Week

St. Mary and Archangel Gabriel

Virgin’s Temple Entry: Dec 12

December 3rd Week

Baby Jesus in the Manger


December 4th Week

Shepherds Visit Baby Jesus


Filler Lesson

The Wise Men Visit Baby Jesus


January 1st Week

Jesus Obeys His Parents

Nativity Feast: Jan 7

January 2nd Week

The Birth of John the Baptist

Circumcision Feast: Jan 14

January 3rd Week

Jesus is Baptized

Epiphany Feast: Jan 19

January 4th Week

A Donkey that Speaks

Miracle in Cana: Jan 21

February 1st Week

Jonah and the Whale

Jonah Fast & Feast:  Jan 29-Feb 1

February 2nd Week

The Woman with the Two Coins

Pre-Lent Sunday

February 3rd Week

God Cares for Us More

Sunday of the Kingdom of God

February 4th Week

The Lost Sheep

Temptation Sunday

March 1st Week

The Paralytic at the Pool

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

March 2nd Week

The Man Born Blind

Samaritan Sunday

March 3rd Week

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Sunday of the Paralytic

March 4th Week

The Last Supper

Baptismal Sunday

Filler Lesson

No Lesson Scheduled

Palm Sunday: April 1

April 1st Week

No Lesson Scheduled

Easter Sunday: April 8

April 2nd Week

Jesus Christ is Risen!

Thomas Sunday: April 15

April 3rd Week

Jesus Appears to His Friends

April 4th Week

Fish for Breakfast


May 1st Week

Jesus Loves the Children


May 2nd Week

Jesus Visits Mary and Martha

Ascension Feast: May 17

May 3rd Week

Jesus Goes Up to Heaven


May 4th Week

The Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day

Pentecost Feast: May 27

June 1st Week

The Angels in Heaven

Apostles' Fast: May 28 - July 11

June 2nd Week

Bread and Fish Miracle

June 3rd Week

Bread from Heaven; Water from a Rock


June 4th Week

David the Shepherd Boy


Filler Lesson

The Twelve Special Friends


July 1st Week

Saint Pishoy


July 2nd Week

The First Miracle by St. Peter

Apostles' Feast: July 12

July 3rd Week

Hannah's Prayer


July 4th Week

God Calls Sleepy Samuel


August 1st Week

Four Friends Help a Paralytic

St. Mary's Fast: Aug 7-21

August 2nd Week

Jesus Invited to a Wedding


August 3rd Week

Saint Mary the Beautiful Dove

Transfiguration Feast: Aug 19

August 4th Week

Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus

Assumption Feast: Aug 22

September 1st Week

Jesus Heals Woman with a Bent Back



The lesson notes outlined above were composed by adopting the curriculum set for Sunday School by the Coptic Orthodox Church Diocese of Southern U.S.A. and adding supplementary references to clarify each lesson. The notes are intended for the exclusive use by Sunday School servants and parents.

  • Memorization Assignments for Preschool:
    • Making the sign of the Cross

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